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Heavy Duty Towing - The Big Boys of the Fleet

We at Tony’s Tire value the opportunity to take care of your needs. In order for us to be as efficient as possible, we need to have the most advanced equipment.

09 50 Ton with Side Puller 2017 75 Ton Peterbilt 389 Century Rotator
’09 50 Ton with Side Puller 2017 75 Ton Peterbilt 389 Century Rotator

The red wrecker is a 2009, 50-Ton Kenworth equipped with a SP850 side puller. A side puller allows us to work from the side of the wrecker using less space on the interstate for safer and more efficient towing capabilities. Side pulling capabilities are extremely helpful when working off of an embankment or when a vehicle goes off into the median or off of the shoulder of the interstate.

The black wrecker is a 2017, 75-Ton Peterbilt Century Rotator. It has capabilities similar to a crane with 360 degree continuous boom rotation. This wrecker also has a remote that allows the operator to be walking around the scene monitoring all aspects while moving the vehicle. This wrecker can easily move equipment or vehicles.

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These two wreckers’ strength and capabilities are unmatched. They are able to handle even the most extreme situations. Just one more reason you can rely on Tony’s Tire, Truck, and Auto.

Details on our TOWING & SERVICE:

  • We can tow everything: motorcycles, farm tractors, semis, truck & trailer units, cars, pickup Trucks
  • Tow Trucks vary in size: light duty, flat beds, medium duty, and heavy duty
  • Each shop has equipment with all of your recovery needs
  • We off Towing service 24/7 and Holiday emergency service
  • With three locations offering towing and wrecking services in Clear Lake, IA, Webster City, IA, and Williams, IA we can cover a lot of ground with towing calls.
    • We cover Interstate 35 from just north of Ames all the way up to the MN border.
    • We cover the East and West stretch between Fort Dodge and Cedar Falls

Available Equipment

1-T800EC 75-Ton Century Kenworth Rotator

1-T800EC 50-Ton 9055 Century Kenworth Wrecker

Equip with Side Pullers

  • 1-T800 35-Ton Vulcan V70 Kenworth Wrecker
  • 1-T300 30-Ton 5030 Century Kenworth Wrecker
  • 2-International Rollback, 21ft Aluminum Bed
  • 1-Ford F550 12-Ton Jerrdan Wrecker
  • 1-Ford F350 8-Ton Century Wrecker
  • 4-Road Side Service Trucks & Support Vehicles
  • 2-Multi-use Semi’s for Recovery and Transportation
  • 1-IT 28B Catepillar End Loader
  • 1-190T New Holland Skid Loader
  • 1-Load Star Drop Deck

We also have flatbeds, dryvans, tankers, and reefer units available for recovery needs.

We offer 24 hour Towing

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M-F7:30 a.m.5:00 p.m.
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