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Wrecker Towing & Emergency Recovery

At Tony's Tire, Truck & Towing we strive to stay updated with the latest and most innovative technology the industry has to offer. This allows us to maintain or mission of providing our customers with an efficient, safe, and excellent service. We have a large heavy duty fleet and significant industry expertise that specializes in 24/7 wrecker towing and emergency recovery. From recovering semi trucks and trailers, pulling stuck tractors out of fields, and any other extreme situations you can imagine. We've got you covered!

Rotator Technology

Our 50 & 75-Ton Peterbilt Century Rotator Wreckers have the ability similar to a crane with a 360 degree continuous boom rotation. Each boom can be operated with a mobile remote control that allows our employees to monitor the scene from multiple angles while moving the vehicle. 

Tony's Tire, Truck & Towing Rotator Technology

Side Pulling Technology

Our 50-Ton Kenworth Wreckers are equipped with SP850 side pullers that are beneficial when working off an embankment or tough to reach areas. In certain situations, especially on the interstate, space can be an issue. With the side pullers we can make sure we take up less space and create a safe environment for a successful recovery. 

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